Terms and Conditions of Service:

From / WQ3 (Limited Liability Company) Located in 31 Makram Ebeid street, Nasr City - Cairo-Egypt.
  1. WQ3 company it works in the field of exchanging, circulating and signing documents between individuals and companies, and circulating them electronically through the company. Where the customer desires to benefit from this service which provided by the company. The client was informed of all the terms and conditions to benefit from this service and under his responsibility without any responsibility on the company regarding what the documents contained and once the approval was received on the e-mail sent from the company, you become a customer of the company. The customer acknowledges that they have been familiar with the terms and conditions of the relationship.
  2. From the date of acceptance you enjoy the Company's services and you are licensed to access and legally use the Company's sites and services whether you are an individual, company or organization, and upon approval you are bound to fulfill your obligations in return for the services provided by the Company Therefore, the relationship shall be based on the terms and conditions set forth by law and regulations in this regard, whether your use of the Site or any services provided by the Company, whether the signing or exchange of documents for any entity requested by the customer and early access programs Unless the customer announces his disagreement with his continuing use of the services of the company, an investigation must be made of the receipt of such notification in writing or on the site.
  3. Upon approval of receipt of all communications, contracts, documents and documents whatsoever sent from or to the company through the company's software, as well as notifications regarding any signature and document circulation services, approval of any updates necessary for the continued provision of the service and consequent changes in laws , regulations and instructions arising therefrom from the company, to be published whenever an update or addition is required on the site, to which the customer is bound upon their publication or presentation on the site.
  4. Upon approval of accepting the provision of the service, the customer authorizes the company to receive all communications and notifications that are provided to the company in connection with any document signing services, including communications to receive what the customer wishes to exchange through the company's services or to subscribe to them through electronic means, electronic mail, text mail, or notices published on the site or during any of the company's services.
  5. The customer shall abide by his commitment to the data, approvals, definitions and administrations required by the company to continue using the company’s services. In the event of non-compliance, the company has the right to stop providing its services until the customer has completed and the company’s claims or declarations are implemented. Immediately after implementation, the customer is allowed to access the site using the company’s services with the availability of transparency.
  6. Once the terms and conditions are approved, the customer becomes a limited, non-transferable or unassigned license to access and use the site for commercial, civil, internal, or external use of the site, whenever it is the customer's own, as permitted, or any workable plan that allows the use of the exchange and signature service. It is prohibited to use the site and company services for any purpose that is illegal, violates the principle of transparency, or in any way that is contrary to terms and conditions that have come to the knowledge of the customer.
  7. Every service provided by the company to the customer has a price and fee; if the customer wishes to enjoy other services, the price of the service is calculated at announced rates that are acceptable to change according to the conditions and prices offered by the company and such changes in announced prices as a result of the market, increases in prices, taxes, fees and charges.
  8. The customer is fully responsible for the documents, and signatures, etc., regarding the content and materials to be used and complies with the restrictions necessary for each service from which he or she benefits. Participating in the services of the company is separate from each other, depending on the type of service and its requirements.
  9. Copyright and proprietary content of the documentation provided by the customer for the transaction and sent to the customer is the sole responsibility of the customer, without any liability to the company.
  10. A customer who has received the services of the company through its software and website is privately owned and protected by intellectual property laws, is the creation of the company and the customer is not entitled to infringe or violate it, and the company is the sole owner and has the patents, designs, Copyrights, trademarks, service, expertise and any other property rights.
  11. It is prohibited for the customer to use the trademark, company name or any subsidiary with which the company cooperates in any advertising or advertising that the company uses to implement and provide services and applications as this is owned only by the company and for the customer to abide by the company's policies, copyright, circulation, etc.
  12. Unless authorized in writing, the customer shall not copy, offer, distribute or sell any of the Company’s software or services.
  13. At the company's discretion, the customer admits to the company, and through its staff, to pre-examine the user content before it appears on the site or any of the company's services, and has the right to reject, transfer, edit, or remove any user content that violates terms or law The customer is liable for disclosures of transactions for handling any of the content in question.
    1. Once the terms are approved and made known, the relationship shall begin and have its implications and shall enjoy the use of the site or any other services of the contracted company, including a document signing service.
    2. Not participate in any activity, unlawfully transmitting any information about the company's services, violating any law, regulations, public order, or morals, or advocating through it illegal activity or competing with illegal activities.
  14. No right of a third party shall infringe, including but not limited to, the right to privacy, the right to publicity, the right to copyright, trademark, patent or trade secrets, or any intellectual or other property rights if it is abusive, threatening, abusive, obscene, dirty, sexually explicit, pornographic, discriminatory, vulgar, obscene, famous, hate speech, violence or incitement to violence, or otherwise rejected.
  15. Not to interfere with the use or enjoyment of services by any other party.
  16. Attempts to impersonate a person or entity other than the truth, including but not limited to the site's use of spam, surveys, contests, pyramid marketing schemes, or other advertising materials under an applicable name.
  17. You may not access or use another user's account without the permission or approval of the company.
  18. It is prohibited to distribute computer viruses or any codes, files or other programs that disable, destroy or limit the performance of any computer programs, computer equipment or electronic communication equipment of the company or of the addressee.
  19. Not to interfere with the functionality, use, disable, overload or destroy any site features, servers, networks, or document signature services.
  20. Never penetrate or unauthorized access any company - owned records or other customer records
  21. Failure to provide inappropriately personal or sensitive information from other users, including a thrift address, credit card or financial account information, or passwords.
  22. Not disassemble, reengineer or attempt to derive code for any of the company sites, except as expressly permitted in these conditions or by law, except to the extent permitted by applicable law and the company's written consent is required.
  23. The use of security-related features or features that restrict, circumvent, disable, damage or otherwise interfere with the use of the site shall not be permissible.
  24. Not to use automated or manual means to violate restrictions on any Robotics Excluding URLs on the site, if any, or to avoid or circumvent other measures used to prevent or limit access, for example through a practice such as "screen scraping", "database scraping" or any other activity to obtain user lists or other information
  25. It is prohibited to modify, copy, disclose, display, distribute, publish, license, sell, rent, lend, transfer or otherwise market any material or content on the site
  26. The services of signing documents may be used for the purposes of measuring or collecting information about a product or private service for the customer free from any violations of the terms, conditions and law
  27. It is possible (other than page caching necessary for personal use, or as expressly permitted by these Terms) to distribute, publish, transmit, perform, reproduce, broadcast, copy, upload, license, create derivative works from, or offer for sale any Content or Other information found on, or obtained from or through the Site or Document Signing Services, by any means, except as provided in these Terms and what is outside them requires the prior written consent of WQ3 Company.
  28. If the content on the site is found to be in violation of the above restrictions, please contact the company to notify it.
  29. It is prohibited to use or allow access to document signature services in a manner that circumvents contractual restrictions of use or exceeds the standards of authorized use or use set forth in these Terms, or any applicable subscription plan or reasonable use policy.
  30. Not license to third parties, sublicense, sell, resell, lease, transfer, distribute, share time or any other form or any part of existing technical and functional document signature services or documents available for access, except as expressly provided in these terms or access to or use of signature documents or documents (1) Purpose: (1) Develop or operate products or services to be provided to third parties in competition with document signature services.
  31. Allow direct competitor access to an account
  32. It is not permissible to frame the site, or place pop-up windows on its pages, or influence in any other way the display of its pages, or change the shape or design that leads to linking the site to any website that contains what is inappropriate, offensive, or infringing, or Obscene, indecent, illegal, or infringes any intellectual property, proprietary, privacy or publicity rights that may result in any infringement of such property, at the Company’s discretion, and may terminate the Customer’s use and access to the Site immediately
  33. The customer acknowledges that the company is obligated to monitor access - or any other person - to the site or its use due to violation of these terms, or to review or edit any content. However, except as expressly provided herein, we may do so for the purpose of operating, monitoring and purifying the Site.
  34. The company has the right to use and protect the information provided by the customer in what is known as the privacy policy for signing documents and exchanging them with others, which takes place through the company's services.
  35. Subject to these terms, the company (WQ3) shall provide documentary signature services to customers in accordance with each customer subscription plan, and (WQ3 Company) shall grant to each customer a limited, non-transferable right and license during the period of the subscription for internal business purposes and in accordance with authentication, to (a) use the WQ3 documentary signature services. (b) implement, configure and allow authorized users, through their account manager (s), to access signature and use of documents within any applicable limits, and (c) to access, use and share documents at any scale.
  36. The client's authorized users must also be identified through a private email address and username, and two or more natural persons may not use services from such as the same authorized user. is subject to the confidentiality and other obligations with Customer at least as restrictive as those contained in these Terms, and accesses or uses Services from or only to support Customer's internal business purposes for as long as it is licensed and authorized to do so.
  37. The company provides many services, and the monetary fee for subscribing to each service has been determined, and it is due to the customer’s desire. Since approval, the customer has subscribed to benefit from WQ3 service. The subscription fee for the benefit and use of this service has been set monthly or annually, bearing in mind that the subscription prices and costs for any of the services are subject to change provided that the value is determined upon subscription as follows: -
    1. In the case of a monthly subscription, the customer pays the agreed amount in advance at the beginning of each month, and in the event that the customer is late in payment for a period of one month, the service will be suspended.
    2. In the case of the annual subscription, the customer pays the agreed amount in advance, the first of each year from the date of renewal of the subscription. In the event of a delay in payment, the company has the right to stop the service and can only be restored after renewing the subscription.
  38. In order for a company to continue performing its services, software and service upgrades are required to be reviewed after each software update, and the customer is not entitled to object, as upgrades are required to maintain service utilization.
  39. If the company's receivables are not delivered in cash or by the customer's payment methods, the customer shall be obliged to pay all the amounts due upon request, and the customer shall be obliged to bear the costs of the delay and shall incur the costs of whatever actions the company takes towards the customer, as a result of forcing the company to take such actions as a result of the customer's conduct and violations of its terms and conditions.
  40. The customer has the right to notify the company of any problems, any discrepancy in invoices or account statements within thirty days from the date of notification, which is the lapse of the customer's right and the right to object by the 30th day without notice, as an agreement and waiver of the client's objection.
  41. If you use the broker service, you will be charged monthly for the subscription plan, and if you breach it or delay, your account will be terminated or suspended until the subscription is paid with liability for the consequences.
  42. Customers may enjoy free offers offered by the company (to their customers), as a promotion or any other offer; if they wish to enjoy such offers, they must comply with the company's requirements to give this advantage and be agreed upon in terms of the service to be subscribed to free of charge, or the premium period, since this is an offer from the company and not a commitment, it is renewable, appreciated and prohibited.
  43. A customer subscribes to an early arrival service through company services and if they receive this service, the customer is obliged to agree to terms for its provision upon request and for which cash exchange is determined at the time.
  44. A customer is responsible for data provided or used in company services for documents, documents or signatures, that such services are provided at the request of the customer after they have been informed of terms and conditions, and that their use of any personal information or data provided in the course of use complies with all laws, public order, etiquettes, regulations, transparency, and in accordance with privacy policy, under their responsibility and without any liability to the company.
  45. Everyone shall maintain the confidentiality of the information dealt with by the Company and by the person dealing with the parties and protect any other information of the party, whether disclosed in writing or orally or because of the nature of the information.
  46. All transactions of the customer during the use of the company's services - documents, information, data, documents, or signatures - belong to the customer alone and are handled by the company in its own state as the customer has dealt with at the customer's request.
  47. The duration of this service is as required by the customer upon subscription (monthly on an annual basis) and if the customer wishes to continue to benefit from company services, the renewal is approved.
  48. The Company has the right to lift the suspension of the Service in the event that the customer pays the Company’s dues where the Company suspends any use of the WQ3 Services or removes any content, disables or terminates any account or authorized user that violates these Terms, and the Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you prior to any suspension or disruption, Unless prohibited from doing so by applicable law or legal process, such as operations, court or governmental administrative agency orders, authorizations, and the like, or the need to delay notice in order to prevent imminent damage to the WQ3 services of or any third party under the circumstances in which the notice is delayed, and the notice will take effect whenever the relevant restrictions are removed.
  49. The period of service from the date on which the customer approved the service after receiving Company's endorsement through email The approval is considered to be acceptance of all terms and conditions that have come to his attention and that are guaranteed by regulatory laws, as well as Company decisions, especially when the service and software are updated. The Company is entitled to the value of the service even if the customer does not require it to perform any service during its entire period. The Company may renew the subscription automatically, unless the customer has been informed of his wish not to do so, by accepting the end of the term for at least two weeks Have rights and damages if the customer violates the following conditions :- (a) failure to pay any payment due to us or to our company in a timely manner, or the Authorized User associated with his account violates any of these terms or any published policy applicable to Sign Services, (c) or is subject to any action under the Bankruptcy or similar laws, or (d) if we believe, in our own judgement, that the continued use of Sign Services by the Customer (or Authorized Users or Signatures) creates legal risks to Sign or poses a security threat to WQ3 Services or WQ3 Users, if WQ3 fails Customer, we may, without warning: (1) suspend their account and not use the services of (WQ3), (2) terminate their account, (3) impose reactivation fees in order to reactivate their account, and (4) pursue any other treatment available to a WQ3 Company or any legal entity owned by a WQ3 Company, or jointly controlled by WQ3, a Client 'Affiliate Company' means any legal entity owned by the Client or jointly controlled by the Client, in which the Company has the right to terminate the relationship with its creditor entitlements being superior to the Client and its consent is a declaration of the correctness of the indebtedness and the Company's entitlements, unless objected to within 48 hour period.
  50. The Company shall provide signed services and exchange client documents A customer's use of the services of WQ3 Company, Documentation, and the Sign is solely its responsibility The integrity of the documents and documents and their signatures which (WQ3) have circulated to it as provided and directed to it at the instruction of the customer is responsible for violation of these Terms or by authorized users or infringement of any intellectual property or other right of any person or entity of the Company, and under no circumstances shall it be liable for any incidental, special, covering, punitive or exemplary damages resulting from Confinement of these provisions including, but not limited to, good faith, business, lost profits, or loss of business, even if such losses are accepted, and whether such claims are based on contract, damage (including negligence), errors or inaccuracies of content, or personal injury or property damage of any nature resulting from your access to and use of the site, documents, or document services. Unauthorized access to or use of our servers and all personal or financial information stored therein, or interruptions or interruptions to or from our servers. (e) Insects, viruses, Trojans, etc., for which the company bears no responsibility.
  51. The responsibility of the company through the services provided by the company towards the customer, whether for the company’s violation of the terms or by any party assisting the company does not exceed the consideration for the contracted services and this compensation covers all damages whatsoever. Provided that this compensation is paid for the same period of the agreement, and it is not permissible to have multiple claims, as the compensation is comprehensive with the company's liability disclaimed, and the client's right to resort to the judiciary is forfeited when the company offers the agreed compensation.
  52. Any dispute or difference shall be settled amicably without any other way, as the risks and damages are guaranteed by the previous clause.
  53. The company has the right to seek the assistance of a third party to complete the performance of the service requested by the customer and the consequences thereof in order to complete the performance of the service in full, and it has the right to seek the assistance of third parties, links or resources belonging to others, and cooperation with these parties is valid and complementary to these terms and conditions.
  54. All restrictions resulting from disasters, wars, force majeure, external circumstances, terrorism, cutting off communications, or any danger that prevents the company from providing the service or its impossibility. Therefore, the company is not liable if the aforementioned is achieved, and the customer has the right to request the continuation of the service after the reason for its cessation has passed for a period equal to Downtime only.
  55. In the event that the settlement for damages or otherwise is completed, the website shall announce the completion of the settlement and the approval of the client. The company for the stipulated compensation shall be discharged from liability for any damages whatsoever.
  56. This service is exclusive to the customer and is not entitled to be assigned to third parties or modified individually; in the case of authorization, it must be a subsidiary or the same customer entity and licensed with the consent of the company.
  57. During the service management period, the company may store documents sent electronically in accordance with the company’s conditions and has the right to set restrictions for legal and reasonable use to prevent abusive use and the customer has the right according to his request and approval, and in this case there is no responsibility on the company, except that the company has the right to delete what was the subject of dealings with The customer within thirty days from the end of the service period without renewing the subscription to the service.
  58. When using a document signing service, it is necessary to request the signature with any party or on any document for the client to submit agreements, invoices and other documents to signatories or those required to sign through a document signing service to facilitate the submission and exchange of documents for approval, review, and payment authorizations via payment applications, portals, processors, and providers that store, process or transfer data The submission and exchange of signed documents is dependent on the client's decision and consent.
  59. The customer is responsible for registering and keeping an account with payment requests by signing payment documents and complying with all agreements, terms of use, and terms and conditions.
  60. The company provides an early access service, which is a beta release and development service prior to public release, giving access to the features of certain technologies, products or services not generally available, the company gives a limited, non-transferable license, and the customer is not entitled to rent, sell, license, assign, copy, modify, or create works derived from translation or diminution of any form and with the company’s written consent for disposal, disclosure, or use.
  61. Everyone has an obligation that all claims submitted by a company to a customer electronically at their own account are valid and amount to proof of the company's receivables and submissions.
  62. The company owns all ownership rights, interest, copyright, software, links and trademark for its services, and the customer has no rights.
  63. These terms and conditions are binding upon submission of consent by the customer for the use of any services provided by a signed company to the extent that consent is subsequent to the transmission of such information and provisions.