Wq3 electronic signature:

  1. The Term Electronic signature is one of the most common terms in Technology.
  2. It expresses the persons will and agreement to the text inside the document or the papers that need to be signed. It is also equivalent to a handwritten signature.
  3. The electronic signature is legally and internationally recognized.
  4. Electronic signatures are also used to refer to any signature that is applied Electronically rather than using pens and papers.
  5. The Electronic signature is based on different techniques to complete the signing process, starting from verifying the identity of the signatory, making sure that he wants to sign with no pressure, ending with the process of saving and recording the signature, and then encrypting the data.
  6. This service available with you through wide range of electronic devices connected to the Internet.
  7. The Electronic signature will shorten the distances created by the pandemic.
  8. This service can be used to complete various deals and contracts such as:
    1. Contracts: sales, employment, real-estate contracts and other.
    2. Online transactions, Especially Banking services.
    3. Administrative procedures: taxes, birth certificates, and other documents that require certified attestation.

What does WQ3 Offer

  1. Secured and Encrypted website.
  2. WQ3 facilitate the service between B2B - B2C.
  3. Highly secured certified Website.
  4. Fast, flexible and easy to use website.
  5. Convenient, customizable and available any time &anywhere.
  6. Decrease operation cost manual / physical Authentications
  7. Minimize and save Time consumption.
  8. Unique Electronic signature platform.

Additional security measurement by WQ3

  1. WQ3 is one of the safest and most secure electronic signature software solutions on the market.
  2. Customer information stays confidential, including fromWQ3—customer documents and data are private and access is workflow controlled.
  3. WQ3 customers can rely on the authenticity of signers through the multi-faceted verification of signing events.
  4. WQ3 grant to customer documents are ensured technically & legally and are procedurally undisputable as evidenced by the audit trail and chain of custody available with the WQ3 solution.
  5. With WQ3, each document is ensured to be both intact and tamper evident.