eSignature Solution for Sales field:

Sign your documents securely and in a short time, fill them out and share them with ease and get contracts signed accurately.

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Learn how electronic signatures have improved Sales sectors!


Lots of deals:

WQ3 will open new horizons for you at work, and thus the company’s shares will increase. Via WQ3, you can sign a lot of deals with international companies without the need to move and consume time. All you have to do is to invite them via email, send the document, and they will be signed.


Save time and effort:

Considering the Covid pandemic, moving between companies has become difficult. Many companies have declared bankruptcy and closed as a result of the epidemic, so we launched a feature in which you can sign contracts and documents electronically and invite more than one to sign.


Always up-to-date documents:

The presence of a huge number of documents in companies hinders the process of updating, especially if there is a change in one of the work conditions, or one of the parties may cancel the transaction due to the difficulty of dealing with paper documents. WQ3 allows you to update, change and re-sign digital documents by concerned parties.


Improving the customer experience:

It is certain that the process of waiting for a long time to receive the printed papers to sign is stressful for customers, especially in light of the Covid pandemic. The site enables you to send documents to complete transactions easily. It will also increase your company's ability to attract new customers from all over the world, and this will give your company the strength to compete in the market.


Increase your company’s shares:

With WQ3, neither the place nor time is an obstacle for your company to advance. It will increase the opportunity for networking with other companies, and there will be no delay in receiving the signed contracts because you can sign the document as soon as you receive it, and you will get the signatures faster. The number of agreements and transactions that your company can enter is unlimited, thanks to the electronic signature.


Keeping the work spirit:

There is no doubt that the pursuit of employees to gain customer satisfaction is a bit complicated, especially when customers change their minds and cancel transactions. Our site avoids this, and you won’t see an employee carrying lots of papers and running after other employees to complete transactions, or other companies to get an agreement. WQ3 is simply a website designed to make life easier for individuals and business owners and to save their time.

Wq3. It's as easy as 1-2-3.