eSignature Solution for Construction field:

When your company needs to start construction projects, it has to do a lot of things related to approvals and contracts of work, and to take the necessary licenses for functioning the process properly, which usually consumes your time and effort. And now, you have a solution to save your energy to actually start building, using the electronic signature, which is now available through our platform WQ3, which allows you to have an unlimited number of signatures on your documents and papers.

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Learn how electronic signatures have improved Construction sectors!


Grow your business:

The more you complete the matters related to signing documents electronically, the more chances you have to start business quickly. Therefore, you can start new construction projects, and this enhances your business and thus grows your money.


Easy to use:

Electronic signatures make it possible to share, sign and circulate construction documents between concerned parties easily, simply and without costs. All you have to do is to sign and return the document or request a signature from the counterparty that signs and sends it quickly and without costs.


Reduce risk:

Electronic signatures protect you and your data. They have made signing construction documents more secure and have reduced the risk of data leaks and the loss of important papers because of the security system it is equipped with. This makes hackers unable to tamper with the contents because these signatures are not made until after ensuring the verification and authentication of the person who signed and ensuring how the signing process is made.


Fast document turnover:

In contracts and agreements related to construction, dealing with them is an essential part of the day. With archiving and digitizing information, access has become faster. Adding electronic signatures speeds up obtaining, sending, and receiving them. Do not worry about the large number of documents used in construction work. They will only need a few clicks to obtain the document and make the necessary modifications as obtaining documents is done much easier and faster than on paper.


Keeping the work spirit:

There is no doubt that the pursuit of employees to gain customer satisfaction is a bit complicated, especially when customers change their minds and cancel transactions. Our site avoids this, and you won’t see an employee carrying lots of papers and running after other employees to complete transactions, or other companies to get an agreement. WQ3 is simply a website designed to make life easier for individuals and business owners and to save their time.


The ability to work from anywhere:

The responsibilities of human resources department employees in companies are many, and they always require much effort and time. Employees are obliged to attend business conferences and seminars, and sometimes they have to travel in order to get signatures. However, now they can communicate with companies and sign documents easily without the costs or efforts or even the hassle of traveling.

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