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Because electronic signatures by our site facilitate and secure your transaction.

A world full of signatures for a world full of transactions and documents!

Electronic signature at the present time is an urgent necessity for anyone who wants to secure and authenticate his documents.

You need security, time, and minimal costs to get the necessary signatures for your documents, whether they are PDF files, Word documents, or any papers that need to be signed.

This is what our site provides! We made it easy for you. All you need is a simple click or several clicks that cost you no effort and your task is done.

WQ3 site melts out the distance!

The geographical spot does not matter in the case of electronic signature. All you need is to prepare your signature and connect your computer or phone to the Internet.

Our website eliminates distances and saves costs in terms of printing documents where you can invite whoever you want to sign your documents.

With WQ3, there is no longer any need to travel from one place to another and to wait for long hours to complete your transactions.

Sign your own document

Add your signature to a document in a few clicks.

Send your document to sign

Get your document signed by multiple recipients.

Join our world of customers that have entrusted WQ3!

e-Signatures without Limitations.

Transforming business Transforming Lives!

Signing is legally binding!

Electronic signatures, like other paper signatures, need to meet all the conditions that qualify your document to be legally binding. Electronic signatures give you high reliability and techniques to preserve your right of data confidentiality without revealing or encryption to save you the harm.

Everyone is legally bound by the content of electronically signed documents. They are accepted in courts, banks, commercial and international requirements, etc.

Cost savings through electronic signatures!

We offer you a premium free trial for your personal use of document signing with basic features. This offer extends for a year. This trial gets you to sign your documents by third parties for a period of five months.

After the end of this free period, you can enjoy special benefits for both business owners and others by paying a low contribution.

Prices start at $3 for a monthly subscription and $26 for an annual subscription.

Electronic Signature FAQ'S

Here is a list of the most common customers questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach us out.

It is adding a signature or a symbol of your own or of a trusted entity such as institutions, companies, and others to your documents and papers. It is the exact same as a manual signature, but it is done in an electronic way.

Yes! Signing documents online of all kinds has become secure, as visitors have complete privacy. Specific documents and information are requested from them for verification, and files are encrypted after signing to protect them.

You can always sign documents individually for free with WQ3 site for a full year, but it charges users if the individual trial period has expired and charges other fees for certain benefits.

At first, add the document on the site. Then create a signature box and enter your name or signature font with your mouse or by touch. You can simply upload a photo of your signature or take it by swiping the scanner.

Yes, with WQ3, this has become easy. There is no regard for distances, as the site allows you to invite friends, send them the document via email and simply sign it.

With the development of technology, electronic signature has become internationally recognized by large companies. However, you may find some local institutions accept only a written signature.